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Letty’s Bears

Little Red Meowing Hood

Quite the creation -- clever and full of feline charms... here is a fabulous one of a kind from the imagination of talented soft sculpture artist Letty Worley. Created in mohair and dressed in antique and vintage finery....measures about 8" tall and 8" from toe to tail

Filigree Gold Crown Cuff

One of a kind wearable art cuff created by artist Letty Worley, amazing filigree cuff emblazoned with a medallion of fibers and findings, creations with metal, mohair and couture trims, measures a lush and wide 3" with the standard bangle opening or 2.5-2.75", can be "squeezed" or flexed open to suit the wearer at time of acquisition for the enjoyment of the wearer…

My Royalty Bear - Letty's Bears

this one of a kind wearable art ted by Letty Worley is made from lush materials and found objects and trims. jointed mohair ted adorned with ephemera, and couture trims -- can be worn as a brooch, this piece also looks great clipped/pinned on everything from a lampshade to a boot, can also adorn a lapel or hat, a one of a kind, bear measures about 5" overall size about 8"


Miss Mavis & Pup

Darling one of a kind by artist Letty Worley that shows her classic style. 6" bear adorned with all manner of vintage and antique trims and ephemera. Darling party girl carries a dainty wee doggie – an itty found object pup…


Miss Valetina – OOAK Art Bear by Letty’s Bears

Wonderfully darling bear by Letty Worley, 5.5" laden with lush details, jointed mohair she is dressed in vintage and found finery...quite magic and sweet..


Mme. Lush – OOAK Art Bear by Letty’s Bears

Truly wonderful creation, mohair, leather, and antique elements, about 9" ted by artist Letty Worley, swigs from a vintage chain -- removable! to be displayed on it's own -- though it is wonderful in display from the chain -- found object adornments with ephemera and more details that celebrate the artist's singular style.


Lavender Bleu Dilly Dilly ooak Letty's Bears - SALE

Such a cuite pie… and with an open mouth! Exceptional! A wonderful one of a kind by artist Letty Worley, 6” hand sewn mohair ted adorned with all manner of antique and found finery…DARLING! WAS $185 NOW on sale...

Princess Party & Her Party Pup - SET - SALE

Oh my this is quite a fabuous set of ted and party pup! So many incredible details on this lovely little l6" mophair lass and her dainty 2x3" pet, a one of a kind set by artist Letty Worley -- was $268, NOW on SALE

Merry Tedly Boot - Letty's Bears - SALE

Exceptional! A wonderful one of a kind -- and oh so merry - presentation art ted. Overall size is 9" -- mohair tedly nestles in a vintage boot. Festooned with all manner of vintage finery --A fab and festive ooak creation by artist Letty Worley, WAS $175, NOW on SALE...

Queen Berry Bunny by Letty's Bears - SALE

…oh my…so regal and lovely, a darling ooak mohair bunny lass dressed in vintage finery,wrought with care and festooned with vintage details, findings ephemera and more lushness, she carries a wee berry and wears her bunny ears with such style! Stands 7” in height…an incredibly special one of a kind by artist Letty Worley (shown with a freind, available separately) WAS $192, NOW on SALE...


Alice Down the Rabbit Hole - by Letty's Bears

..wearable art ted that can be hung in display, worn -- or YES -- chain removes.... ooak by the amazing Letty Worley... all vintage details...jointed mohair ted...just 6" tall..WAS $228 NOW on SALE


Wee Queen of Hearts by Letty's Bears - SALE

An utterly adorable hand sewn standing teddy by artist Letty Worley, with jointed mohair legs, head, torso and arms, she is a one of a kind nad wears vintage items and trims... so darling...  this teddy REGULARLY $228, NOW ON SALE…

My Cup of Tea - Letty's Bears - SALE

An amazingly sweet and playful pup peeps from a vintage tin litho cup and saucer, created in mohair by artist Letty Worley, a one of a kind with lovingly adorned found and vintage detailing, overall size measures 5x3, WAS $165, NOW on SALE...


Anniversary Lovely - by Letty's Bears - SALE

Utterly exceptional in so many ways!  An utterly darling wearable art brooch created with all manner of antique items -- showcasing a wonderful Frozen Charlotte - and fun detail..A one of a kind from the imagination of artist Letty Worley…a truly unique creation…measured about 3x4 " and then its ribbons hangs to about 6"... spectacular...WAS $120, NOW on SALE...

Teddy Doll "Gilda"- Letty's Bears - SALE

Oh my, this one is special…a lovely one of a kind from artist Letty Worley, here is a doll bodied antique dolly re-interpreted as a lovely mohair girlie bear…6” and utterly charming and special. WAS $178, NOW on SALE...