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Thistle Hill

Berry Girl Whirlee

a stoneware bust is finished in swirling skirt of hoops and strawberry charms, evocative of lingerie frames and sewing notions this sculpture mixes found objects, textiles and stoneware, charming and compelling, about 21” and 10” across

Chocolate Whirlee

Lush colors, yummy browns and dainty pinks, pure whimsy, made with vintage and new textiles and trims, incorporating vintage buttons and dangling balls encrusted in silken millinery-style bloom, absolutely wonderful one of a kind, to hang and cheer, about 10” across and 12” long

Whirled Girlie

an utterly fantastic creation, she stands almost 30" tall, her hoop skirt is laced with velveteen birds, berries and more, her torso is hand built stoneware with a dress of harlequin patterned textile, an exceptional piece, ooak she stands atop a base of reclaimed wood