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Pail Face - SALE

Debbee's signature style is at its best in this wonderful piece,exceptionally done and a very special creation and among the most sought after of her folk art pieces, 9", LONG RETIRED!!! Very similar to her original pieces that were created in cloth and with wood and armatrue -- this signature piece is very special and a rare and wonderful find - A TOTAL WOW and now at a treat price - retail $475, NOW on sale...
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Artist: Debbee Thibault
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The Old Pumpkin in a Shoe - HTF

A creation from Debbee Thibault’s California studio, long retired, this piece is a hand-sculpted and hand-painted edition piece from what we call Debbee’s “From the Vault” collections…some of her most classic designs which have not been available to her collectors for some time, as Debbee’s largest source for her work, we are happy to offer this piece here at Earth Angels Studios, measures 5.75" -- note this piece is quite rare as it was not made to its full edition...

The Jack O'Lantern Man

Long retired this charming creation from artist Debbee Thibault heralds her signature style, create in her California studio he measures 7.5" tall, QUITE SPECIAL