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Eliza Visits the Prairie - 2nd Edition

...NEW COVER -- SECOND EDITION -- WOW xoxox the second in the Eliza series "Adventures" a book for spring… Eliza visits Rachel Ashwell's B&B in Round Top, Texas. This adventure is filled with all things Texas…Bluebonnets, a shabby white calf with pink ears and a pink nose, and all things shabby and chic…fluffy pillows and vintage prom dresses that appear to be dancing in the rafters of the Pearl Barn. Eliza learns she can wear her tutu and tiny crown and ballet slippers, and she WILL fit Texas. Paper (hardcover), 8.5”x11”, 70 pages, written and illustrated by Christie Jones Ray
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The Little Mischiefs - BOOK #1

...her first book...Never missing a photo opportunity, British photographer Eileen Lam always has her Blythe girls with her wherever she goes, but it is when at home she is able to capture the girls doing what they do best- getting up to mischief! Caught red handed you will find The Little Mischiefs up to all sorts of things. Drawing on the walls, secretly gobbling sweets or sliding down the stairs. You may even discover them doing the odd chore or good deed once in a while! Don’t be surprised if you start to believe that these dolls are actually real girls, doing all the sorts of things that you once did in those days of childhood innocence. Available exclusively in the US at Earth Angels Studios by special arrangement with the author…thanks Eileen! Book #1 in the series...

The Fox Family of Franklin

...This is the only Tale that is NOT about Eliza the Mouse… I hope you'll enjoy this whimsical tale of our storybook town through the eyes of the little family of foxes of Franklin. Paperback (matte laminate),  6”x9”, 16 pages, written and illustrated by Christie Jones Ray... WAS $12, NOW on SALE...

Eliza Will Not Be Afraid

…a bedtime story…this is a story for those little ones who have you looking for monsters behind the curtains and in the closets, at bedtime. Eliza is comforted as Grammy finds sweet Bible verses hidden behind the doors and tucked between the shutters. Paperback (matte laminate),  6”x9”, 24 pages, written and illustrated by Christie Jones Ray

Eliza Visits Martha’s Vineyard - PROMO PRICE

...the first in the Eliza series "Adventures" a book for summer…Eliza is a very tiny, very loved, handmade mouse who resides at Grammy's House, a quaint Victorian cottage. She wears hand-knitted and crocheted shawls and a kerchief and has many adventures. She is always thankful to return to her cottage door at the baseboard of the kitchen in Grammy's House and snuggle into her cozy bed that is actually a lovely soap dish. But, meanwhile, she is adventuring on Martha's Vineyard. Paper (hardcover), 4.5”x5.5”, 60 pages, written and illustrated by Christie Jones Ray...REGULARLY $20... NOW ON SALE

Eliza Meets Ella Grace Louise

…the fourth in the Eliza series "Seasons" a book for summer… Ella Grace Louise is the real life little girl who came high-stepping into Grammy's booth at a Vintage Marketplace. She was more interested in her new red boots than reading a book, but Eliza the Mouse™ pleads, "Oh won't you read to me..."  At last, just the right book is found! Eliza is all about literacy, and believes that no child hates to read, they simply have not found the right book. Paper (hardcover), 5”x8”, 36 pages, written and illustrated by Christie Jones Ray... WAS $17, NOW on SALE...

Baby Mouse - IN STOCK

…a teeny tiny hand-stitched toy…the main character in Christie Jones Ray’s newest book with Rosebud — a custom Middie Blythe Doll — and Sugarlump a charming party pet by Letty Worley.  She is made of coffee-dyed natural cotton batting and stuffed with natural cotton. She has black glass bead eyes, a cotton-wicking tail, pink wool felt ears and feet. She wears a scrunchy pale pink seam binding ribbon 'round her neck. She measures just over 1.5" in length (not including tail) and approximately 1" in height. Attached paper tag signed and numbered, with description. Made in Franklin, TN by the hands of artist Christie Jones Ray in her RoseWater Cottage. This is an open edition…