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Here We Go a Gathering

...the second in the Eliza series "Seasons" a book for winter… This rhyming tale finds Eliza and Cousin City Mouse enjoying an annual tradition of gathering the greenery for Christmastide, along with a festive picnic, the sharing of stories and yummy treats. Paper (matte laminate), 6”x9”, 32 pages, written and illustrated by Christie Jones Ray...
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Goat’s Milk & Gardening

...the third in the Eliza series "Seasons" a book for spring… Eliza, the mouse at Grammy's House, learns how to stay healthy by drinking her goat's milk and enjoying the fruits of her labor from the garden. A delightful rhyme leads the reader through the planting, harvesting, and consumption of English and Sugar Snap aPeas. Paper (matte laminate), 6”x9”, 42 pages, written and illustrated by Christie Jones Ray...REGULARLY $12, NOW on SALE...

Pick-A-Pick-A-Pumpkin - SALE

...the first in the Eliza series "Seasons" a book for autumn… Join Eliza, the mouse in Grammy's House, as she travels with Cousin City Mouse to gather pumpkins in Amish country. Enjoy the rhyming tale, Pick-a-Pick-Pumpkin, that gives us all a smile. Paper (matte laminate), 6”x9”, 36 pages, written and illustrated by Christie Jones Ray...WAS $12 - NOW on SALE...

Baby Mouse - Special Order

…a teeny tiny hand-stitched toy…the main character in Christie Jones Ray’s newest book with Rosebud — a custom Middie Blythe Doll — and Sugarlump a charming party pet by Letty Worley.  She is made of coffee-dyed natural cotton batting and stuffed with natural cotton. She has black glass bead eyes, a cotton-wicking tail, pink wool felt ears and feet. She wears a scrunchy pale pink seam binding ribbon 'round her neck. She measures just over 1.5" in length (not including tail) and approximately 1" in height. Attached paper tag signed and numbered, with description. Made in Franklin, TN by the hands of artist Christie Jones Ray in her RoseWater Cottage. This is an open edition… there will be a delay in shipping as she will be created for you SORRY NO DISCOUNTS OR COUPONS ON THIS SPECIAL ORDER

Fine Hippocampus

…lush and textured, this is a “Relics & Arifacts” matte resin blank designed by artist Sandra Everton. Each has a metal eye hanger and swings from a vintage ribbon — colors vary — and can be enjoyed in their creamy finish or used in a variety of crafting and artistic projects. Price listed is for one sculpt. Measures 2.5” wide

Aglaia - 75cm 29.5"

A gorgeous doll from talented artist Nicole Marschollek-Menzner of Zwergnase Dolls an edition of 75 dolls, yes we have just one in stock and available for immediate delivery....This charming girl stands 29.5" or 75 cm.  Vinyl head, arms, legs and chest plate with a soft ultrasueded body. Her lush wig is made of genuine hair, she has hand-blown glass eyes from the renown makers in Lauscha, Germany. Lovely real leather shoes, a woolen felt hat,and all manner of lovingly appointed and well tailored details. Made in Germany from the artist's 2019 collection....signed hang tag and emblem branded box with branded couture Jen at to set up a layaway - she will be ordered for you -- there will be a bit of a delay 

Eliza Visits Martha’s Vineyard - PROMO PRICE

...the first in the Eliza series "Adventures" a book for summer…Eliza is a very tiny, very loved, handmade mouse who resides at Grammy's House, a quaint Victorian cottage. She wears hand-knitted and crocheted shawls and a kerchief and has many adventures. She is always thankful to return to her cottage door at the baseboard of the kitchen in Grammy's House and snuggle into her cozy bed that is actually a lovely soap dish. But, meanwhile, she is adventuring on Martha's Vineyard. Paper (hardcover), 4.5”x5.5”, 60 pages, written and illustrated by Christie Jones Ray...REGULARLY $20... NOW ON SALE