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Mickey Hat for Blythe or Middie - LIMITED QUANTITY

…really fabulous!  Here they are... MICKEY EARS! Great for Blythe, Middie or your other fave dolly... fits as shown... yes these were made by Disney as a decor accessory in prior years and sold out IMMEDIATELY... VERY HARD TO FIND... WOW! (dolls and accessories available separately - please inquire...)

Availability: 7 available
Artist: Debbee Thibault
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Miss Lilac Dolly Bun - SALE

A wonderful dolly bun by artist Letty Worley, one of a kind soft sculpture creation measures 7”, wrought with hand dyed mohair, vintage hand painted compo doll face and all manner of vintage finery, trims and fashions… regularly $185, PROMO PRICE


The Little Mischiefs - Up to No Good - Book #2

British photographer Eileen Lam's 2nd book... in it she has created a world of charm and nostalgia in the art of story telling through her quirky and humorous photographs of her Blythe dolls. Be amused and entertained as you discover the world of The Little Mischiefs… In Hong Kong or London, a field in Suffolk or the coast of the Riviera, these girls could be closer than you think! Take a look… seeing is believing! This is her second title, available exclusively in the US at Earth Angels Studios by special arrangement with the author…thanks Eileen! Book #2 in the series...

The Little Mischiefs - BOOK #1

...her first book...Never missing a photo opportunity, British photographer Eileen Lam always has her Blythe girls with her wherever she goes, but it is when at home she is able to capture the girls doing what they do best- getting up to mischief! Caught red handed you will find The Little Mischiefs up to all sorts of things. Drawing on the walls, secretly gobbling sweets or sliding down the stairs. You may even discover them doing the odd chore or good deed once in a while! Don’t be surprised if you start to believe that these dolls are actually real girls, doing all the sorts of things that you once did in those days of childhood innocence. Available exclusively in the US at Earth Angels Studios by special arrangement with the author…thanks Eileen! Book #1 in the series...

Mickey & Minnie – PETITE Duet Set - SALE

two outfits as shown and one pair of Booties, created for the Petite sized Blythe exclsuvie to Tokyo Disney in the 1990s... a real find and totally adorable...EAS $98 NOW on SALE...

Harvest Fun Set - Blythe PROMO PRICE

...a wearable art set of 3 pieces --  hand knit sweater, faux fur purse with charm, and two tone tights for Blythe lovingly wrought by hand by Amy & Cesca of Alice's Tears. Created exclusively for Earth Angels Studios by special arrangement. A one of a kind in signature packaging. Dolls, props, teds and other toys and items not included... regularly $134, NOW on SALE...

“…how long…” Wonderland Folly

A hand colored textile art folly mushroom, lush with texture and totally fanciful. Wrought of vintage and hand dyed fabrics, with a spun cotton stem and a multitude of tiny and fetching details including sculptural stitching, Dresden trims, vintage ribbons, embroidery and more — including a dose of the artist’s own magic! Created by hand in the atelier of Designed by Emma in Germany. With a hand emblazoned ephemera tag. A one of a kind…shown with others…. Can be hung from an itty loop at the top or held or placed…regularly $38, now available at promo price