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Itty Bitty Teddy - Red Velvet (right)

itty bitty cuteness...tiny hand sewn toys measure about 1-1.25" each and have an elastic cord on the back of their necks to attach to your fave dolly's arm... these are vintage from the 1990s...each us perfect size for Blythe hands as a tiny toy... also great for Middie and OB11 dollies -- VERY FEW OF THIS EDITION REMAINS AVAILABLE - THIS LISTING IS FOR THE RED VELVET TED on the right in the images
Availability: 2 available
Artist: Letty Worley
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Vintage Rubber Baby Doll Dear

…such a sweet babe…in lovely condition…vintage rubber c. 1960s this dolly has a sweeter face than most of these old babes…measures 1.5” and a wonderful dolly for your doll or display… new-old store stock - limited quantities available...sweet sweet! This listing is for one of the babies - if you have a prference of color, add a note at checkout

Mini Vintage Classic Jack O’Lantern

A cute vintage find — perfect for dolly – c 1950s-early 60s…in hard plastic/molded with spray features. A cute size for dolly, or in which to tuck in a bear… this is the rare mini size that was used as a nut cup or place holder at Halloween parties… about 3”, just one available

ANTIQUE Paper Pram – WOW!

It’s amazing that this survived…and in an almost unplayed with condition. In all my years of collecting, I have not seen it’s equal…created c 1930s, these thrifty paperboard strollers were most often a candy container, not made as a toy — even those the wee wooden wheels work — but were made as florist and candy store style gift items to say congrats on a baby’s birth!  INCREDIBLE and a perfect scale for display in great hues with a darling graphic on the size…measures about 6x8 and just look how it is with a fave dolly or ted! ONE AVAILABLE…INCREDIBLE!

Wee Vintage Pedal Car – Tractor - SALE

…a toy for your toys! this is a MINIATURE toy vehicle in a wonderful scale to make it a perfect size toy for fave dolls and teds…and toy displays! Measures about 1”x.75”…c 1990s. This is a MINIATURE toy-sized replica of a child’s pedal car from the 1940s…fun retro style! These were made as wee repros circa 1990s-early 2000s. Was $12, now on SALE…